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From Naveen Neelakantam <neela...@uiuc.edu>
Subject Re: [jitrino][profile]trouble of methodprofiles
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2007 03:26:11 GMT
EBMethodProfile is an Entry and Backedge profile.  I think in  
practice it is used by JET and has one counter that keeps track of  
the number of times a method has been entered and has one counter  
that keeps track of the number of times any backedge has been  
executed in a method.  If either counter exceeds a threshold,  
recompilation is triggered

EdgeMethod profile is an edge profiler.  It instruments method entry  
and CFG edges to collect the profile (edge_instrument).  If any edge  
exceeds a backedge threshold or the entry counter exceeds an entry  
threshold, recompilation is triggered.  During recompilation the edge  
annotation (edge_annotate) pass can be used to annotate the CFG with  
the collected edge profile.  See server.emconf for an example of how  
to use edge_instrument and edge_annotate.

Also, you might want to look here:

Hope that helps!


On Feb 26, 2007, at 8:42 PM, yuyu liu wrote:

> Hi, I can't get the differences between EBMethodProfile and
> EdgeMethodProfile.In which occassions and by what means do they  
> work?And
> how to start any of them?

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