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From "Alexey Varlamov" <alexey.v.varla...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [doc][user experience] minor improvements to website navigation and content
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2007 19:36:45 GMT
Nadya, all,

I'm a bit late to reach this thread, but the work seems to be in
progress still - so here are my 2 cents:
- The (left) navigation pane is just right, no items to add or remove,
wording is good for me.
- Many pages now have annotations on top, I like them.
- Ubiquitous "Back to top" links should be formatted differently,
preferably in smaller font, otherwise they look confusingly similar to
informative links.

 - "Get Involved" better be the first in the section, indeed. BTW,
need to fix the phrase on this page: "please provide a testcase and
instructions to help us duplicate the bug", "reproduce" is
conventional term.
 - "Mailing lists" misses alerts@ list.

 - "Getting started" should point to quickhelp_contributors.html
instead of quickhelp_users.html. People wishing to try Harmony would
rather go directly to "Downloads" than look for unpacking howtos in
development section, and for developers the quickhelp_users.html is
basically annoying dummy. The last need to be linked or inlined in
"downloads.html" only.
 - One more thing about quickhelp_users.html, the leading paragraph
sounds too official and lawyer-ish: "The current document provides
basic instructions for people that wish to use Apache Harmony for
running their Java programs. The steps described below neither require
development tools nor necessitate compiling source code. The required
dependencies are listed below per platform. " And basically there is
no dependencies for ordinary users.
 - svn.html suggests using HTTPS ever - I believe this is excessive,
just HTTP is fine for read-only needs of contributors.
 - Content of Roadmap is fairly outdated. E.g. we already switched to
Java 5 ages ago, have a few tools available, integrated with Yoko and
j.u.concurrency, cleaned duplicated contributions, re-evaluated
porting matrix, created DRLVM TODO lists, etc.
 - "Resolution Guideline" lists items in reverse order of importance IMO.

 - Sitemap is nice, many thanks! But some links are named too
differently, e.g. "When an Issue Occurs" vs "Resolution Guideline",
this may be confusing.
Classlib links miss important VMI & portlib docs. I only managed to
dig out a broken reference in DRLVM kernel classes documents [1].

[1] Harmony Class Library Porting Documentation,

All in all, thumbs up for the good work!

PS. Please don't listen to those provokations about imitating
httpd.apache.org, they just confuse soft with mild ;)


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