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From Salikh Zakirov <Salikh.Zaki...@Intel.com>
Subject Re: [general] Can't neither update nor checkout harmony's tree root.
Date Tue, 30 Jan 2007 10:55:44 GMT
Pavel Pervov wrote
>> Me too, actually, but under GIT. Any ideas?
>> P.S. I can check out and update subtrees and root files separately
>> though...

Geir wrote:
> I'll try and figure out how bad the problem was.  Once a day doesn't
> sound bad, but I got the sense it was far worse.  Maybe someone is
> over-reacting, but I know Joe, and he's fairly deliberate, careful and
> pragmatic.

We do mirroring of particular modules (drlvm, classlib) hourly with Tailor,
(not once a day) - could this be the cause of high load?
Tailor does 'svn log' first, and then repeatedly 'svn update -r ...' for all
new versions.

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