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From "Geir Magnusson Jr." <g...@pobox.com>
Subject Re: [build-test] doesn't work OOB?
Date Thu, 25 Jan 2007 02:22:57 GMT

On Jan 24, 2007, at 8:31 PM, Naveen Neelakantam wrote:

> I was getting that error too!
> I could not for the life of me figure out what was going on.  I  
> even wrote a test ant script that uses replaceregexp, and it worked  
> fine.  Go figure.
> I looked through the build file and discovered that replaceregexp  
> is only run as a postprocessing step in the case of some failures.   
> So, get rid of the failures and the problem should go away.

Um...  :)

> The errors for me were actually being caused by a large number of  
> OutOfMemoryErrors.  I worked around that problem by following  
> Vladimir Ivanov's suggestion:
> "As workaround to enable new platform and define problem tests you  
> can run these tests in the 'perTest' mode for a while (new vm will  
> be started for each test).  Please, uncomment the line 238 (<!-- 
> jvmarg arg="- Dhy.test.forkmode=perTest"/-->) in the configuration  
> to do it."
> That worked, and I sort of left the issue there.  I can run the  
> classlib tests now and I'm happy.

Ok - that gets you going, but that still just hides the problem, and  
also makes me worried because you are testing things differently than  
on other platforms (because any side effect bugs are hidden because  
you have a new VM each time).

And I'm not using a new platform - one of the platforms showing this  
is ubuntu x86.

I'll try it, but this is worrysome...

Thanks for the info.


> Naveen
> On Jan 24, 2007, at 7:07 PM, Geir Magnusson Jr. wrote:
>> Ok - I had a small local problem, but I'm still not able to run  
>> everything passing.  For classlib-drlvm, I get :
>> Ant Error Message:	/home/geir/dev/apache/harmony/enhanced/ 
>> buildtest/trunk/cc/projects/classlib/trunk/build.xml:167: The  
>> following error occurred while executing this line: /home/geir/dev/ 
>> apache/harmony/enhanced/buildtest/trunk/cc/projects/classlib/trunk/ 
>> make/build-test.xml:289: Could not create task or type of type:  
>> replaceregexp. Ant could not find the task or a class this task  
>> relies upon.
>> This seems to be misleading, because the necessary class is in the  
>> ant.jar...
>> Any thoughts?
>> geir
>> On Jan 24, 2007, at 12:44 PM, Geir Magnusson Jr. wrote:
>>> OOB == out of the box
>>> I tried to do a fresh checkout of build-test on two different  
>>> machines, and it doesn't work OOB.  I'm going to figure out why  
>>> when I get back from the gym, but if anyone has a timesaving  
>>> hint, let me know (and I'll fix it).
>>> I also want to switch it to use the federated tree if no one  
>>> minds (at some point).
>>> geir

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