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From "Alex Blewitt" <alex.blew...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Re: [classlib][pack200] new module (was: [classlib][pack200] Development has stalled :-( )
Date Wed, 10 Jan 2007 21:32:14 GMT
On 10/01/07, Geir Magnusson Jr. <geir@pobox.com> wrote:
> > And again about this SVN issue. We may establish some process
> > probably. For example Alex can add a comment to critical JIRAs that he
> > can't live without this JIRA is applied. I did something like it
> > during my pre-committer life while working on the beans module.
> > Another suggestion is to post small JIRAs if some files should be
> > added to the workspace. It is easy to integrate and should simplify
> > Alex's life.
> Along with the good idea of smaller JIRAs, I can suggest two things
> to help :
> 1) That we make a better effort to get the patches in
> 2) That Alex also call attention to the work on the dev list

Works for me :-)

BTW I think that the page describing how to generate diffs needs to
explain that it seems to fail spectacularly for binary files, and that
if you've got a binary file (either new or modified) then you need to
include it separately.

The key phrase to look out for in the diff itself is:
"Cannot display: file marked as a binary type."

If that's got an entry, it means you need to manually add the binary file.


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