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From "Morozova, Nadezhda" <nadezhda.moroz...@intel.com>
Subject RE: [general] Harmony performance page
Date Tue, 30 Jan 2007 13:43:26 GMT
>Do we need this if link will be in top level menu?
Yes, I suppose so. Why not?
And please don't forget to post a new News entry that this info is now

>Like what, for example?
This page displays performance results for the class library and drlvm
on various systems measured against such as such benchmarks. We shall
try to update these regularly. For a full list of currently supported
platforms, see ... (site or wiki page?)
You're welcome to contribute to improving performance by fixing failed
configurations or measuring on other configurations. Please let us know
in case ... 

<this is not a ready intro, just some draft, you're welcome to
criticize. It's just that a page with no intro looks a bit weird to me.
I like to read the intro and get an idea of what to expect>


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>From: Alexey Petrenko [mailto:alexey.a.petrenko@gmail.com]
>Sent: Tuesday, January 30, 2007 4:33 PM
>To: dev@harmony.apache.org
>Subject: Re: [general] Harmony performance page
>2007/1/30, Morozova, Nadezhda <nadezhda.morozova@intel.com>:
>> Wow, that's magnificent! :)
>> +1 for adding into the Development menu.
>> Suggestions:
>> - add a short intro at the page start (how it's calculated, purpose
>> measurement,
>It's calculated by benchmarks :)
>> frequency of updates,
>The measurement dates are specified on the page... Is this not enough?
>> anything)
>Like what, for example?
>> - add a link to this page from home page, from hdk, from roadmap
>> and from wiki frontpage (?)
>Do we need this if link will be in top level menu?
>> - add a link to this page to the sitemap
>SY, Alexey

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