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From "Morozova, Nadezhda" <nadezhda.moroz...@intel.com>
Subject RE: Re: [doc] how to make doxygen refs more usable?
Date Mon, 29 Jan 2007 12:15:54 GMT
Yes, class diagrams are useful, and we do have them. For example,
Jitrino_1_1DrlVMFieldDesc.html or do you mean some other type of

As for your question about incomplete jit docs, I agree we should
include everything there is (that's why I generated the docs with
EXTRACT_ALL enabled). Inclusion of specific files is set in the file
doc.properties, as follows: 

jitrino.files= \
${jitrino.intf} \
jitrino/src/jet/jet.h \
jitrino/src/main/Jitrino.h \
jitrino/src/vm/drl/DrlEMInterface.h \
jitrino/src/vm/drl/DrlVMInterface.h \
jitrino/src/vm/EMInterface.h \

where Jitrino.intf are the files of the top-most level:
jitrino.intf= \
include/internal_jit_intf.h \

Because I'm not familiar with jit specifics, I cannot extend the list of
files for inclusion. A patch with a comprehensive list of headers to be
included in the jit doc bundle is most welcome. 
I guess specialists in other components could also contribute by
reviewing the doc.properties file.

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>From: news [mailto:news@sea.gmane.org] On Behalf Of Egor Pasko
>Sent: Saturday, January 27, 2007 2:42 PM
>To: dev@harmony.apache.org
>Subject: Re: [doc] how to make doxygen refs more usable?
>On the 0x269 day of Apache Harmony Nadezhda Morozova wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> I just wanted to attract your attention to a new pool of ideas for
>> documentation:
>> http://wiki.apache.org/harmony/Doxygen_Docs_Look%26Feel_Improvements
>> This page holds some thoughts on how we can make our Doxygen
>> nicer and more usable. Ideas and help are most welcome.
>what I would desire to add to the "Look & Feel" is a "Class Diagram"
>(that needs 'dot' to be installed when generating)
>A small offtopic:
>maybe I am missing something, but unfortunately I canNOT find full
>doxygen documentation for Jitrino on our website. All I see is a
>rather limited description of interfaces. Many files that exist in the
>project cannot be found, for example, abcd.h. Finding them on the
>webside would be quite useful for developers. IMHO, we should not
>limit ourselves at visible docs :)
>Egor Pasko

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