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From "Morozova, Nadezhda" <nadezhda.moroz...@intel.com>
Subject [doc][website] finalizing changes to nav pane
Date Thu, 18 Jan 2007 10:15:20 GMT
Hi everyone,
After a long-long pause, I'm restarting the thread about our website
navigation menu and generic pages that require improvement. I hope that
after the New Year all the emotions have boiled down and we can move
over this quickly :) 

Key ideas that were gathered during the review of the sandbox copy of
(1) navigation menu is mostly ok though several improvements are
(2) some generic pages require improvement because they're outdated or
do not contain required info or don't deliver their main idea clearly
(3) starting page does not give a clear idea of where our project is -
for a newcomer
Let's address these one by one. This letter is about (1) only. For (2)
and (3), I'll send patches per page so that we don't miss anything
during the review. 

For the nav pane, I've a patch ready and waiting for your approval to
commit. If you are strongly against a change suggested, let's discuss
this. New version:
    * Home
    * License
    * Contribution Policy
    * Downloads
    * FAQ
(removed references to ASF and project guidelines because the Guidelines
actually have info on a number of very different topics, we can try and
find a better place for them; having Policy *and* Guidelines confuses
many people)

    * Get Involved
    * Who we are
    * Mailing Lists
    * Bug Tracker
(removed Documentation (useless page), FAQ is above now, Wiki is in docs
now, renamed Committers > Who we are (might not be the best name, but
the page can be about PMC, committers and contributors, why only the
committers?); moved JIRA to this list and renamed > Bug Tracker as the
more generic term)

    * Source Code
    * Getting Started (link for contributors)
    * Project Roadmap
    * Resolution Guideline
(removed How are we Doing (useless page), moved roadmap lower to make
Source code stand out, removed Other projects (rarely used page), added
Resolution guideline)

    * Sitemap
    * Wiki
    * HDK
    * DRLVM
    * Class Libraries
    * Build-test Framework
(renamed Subcomponents > Documentation; added sitemap (the file itself
is under development now), added wiki link here, added HDK page
(discussible, but hope to have a nice patch to describe our deliverable
there); removed classlib status (outdated, we can have Wiki instead)


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