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From "Rana Dasgupta" <rdasg...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: how to get the time used by the OPT, JET?
Date Thu, 25 Jan 2007 06:20:45 GMT
For the jit guys, I have a somewhat (?) related question.
When looking at the jit logs for tight loops like:

for( indx = 0; indx < 1000; indx++)
   afrom[indx] = afrom[indx + 1];

which is fairly common in Spec sequences, sorts, etc.....
there are of course three checks during the assignmnet ...null check, type
check and bounds check. I wanted to make sure that for the above pattern of
code, the type check was being optimized away. Though is is more potent in
the jet compiler which I think calls a helper for this, I wanted to
check this in the opt  compiler. I am quite new to jitrino's logs.

In the debugger, I see that the jitrino.opt compilation does
genTauCheckElementType() which finally simplifies through
simplifytaucheckelementtype(). This does a subclass check and for the above
generates a genTauHasExactType...

In the log ( attached ) , in the HIR, after global operand analysis, the ct
log shows:

Block L2:
  Predecessors: L1
  Successors: L8 UNWIND
  I11:ldci4     #1 -) t6:int32
  I12:add   t4, t6 -) t7:int32
  I13:chknull   g1 -) t8:tau

Block L8:
  Predecessors: L2
  Successors: L9 UNWIND
  I14:tauhastype      g1,cls:ArrayRef[] -) t9:tau
  I15:arraylen  g1 ((t8,t9)) -) t10:int32
  I16:chkbounds t7 .lt. t10 -) t11:tau

Block L9:
  Predecessors: L8
  Successors: L10 UNWIND
  I17:tauand       t9, t11 -) t12:tau
  I18:ldbase    g1 -) t13:ref:cls:ArrayRef
  I19:addindex  t13, t7 -) t14:ref:cls:ArrayRef
  I20:ldind.unc:o   [t14] ((t8,t12)) -) t15:cls:ArrayRef
  I21:chkbounds t4 .lt. t10 -) t16:tau
  GOTO L10

  Predecessors: L2 L8 L9
  Successors: EXIT

Block L10:
  Predecessors: L9
  Successors: L1
  I22:tauand       t9, t16 -) t17:tau
  I23:tausafe() -) t18:tau
  I24:addindex  t13, t4 -) t19:ref:cls:ArrayRef
  I25:stind.unc:o   t15 ((t8,t17,t18)) -) [t19]
  I26:stvar     t7 -) v1:int32

But looking at L8, L9, L10, I am not sure that I understand that the type
check is going away, or what is happening to tauhastype. Is there a manual
on the tau operators that the non jitrino people can read ? I think the
final code generated is fine since the only exception being checked in the
generated code is the bounds check. Sorry for the long question.


On 1/18/07, Mikhail Fursov <mike.fursov@gmail.com> wrote:
> Answers:
> On 1/18/07, zouqiong <ustczz@gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > Thanks. I want to know about three things:
> >
> > 1) the compilation time for both OPT and JET.
> -XDjit.arg.time=on
> If you need to measure total time for your code/algorithm add new timer.
> See
> any of existing timers (search by it's name in log) to see how it's work.
> 2) IR and compilation log for a method compiled by OPT.
> All IR:
> -Xem:opt -XDjit.arg.log=ct,irdump,dotdump
> IR for the specified method:
> -Xem:opt -XDjit.CS_OPT.f.filter=Test::main -XDjit.f.arg.log=ct
> ,irdump,dotdump
> Read this doc to learn more:
> http://harmony.apache.org/subcomponents/drlvm/JIT_PMF.html
> 3) some runtime metrics for managed code.
> -Xem:opt -XDjit.arg.codegen.iprof=on -
> XDjit.arg.codegen.iprof.config=iprof.cfg
> Note! you can use per-method filters here too.
> Read this doc to learn more:
> http://harmony.apache.org/subcomponents/drlvm/internal_profiler.html
> --
> Mikhail Fursov

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