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From "Leviev, Ilia A" <ilia.a.lev...@intel.com>
Subject Remove VM statistics or make it thread safe?
Date Thu, 11 Jan 2007 10:37:32 GMT

Recently I have started to use Thread Checker tool for finding unsafe
thread access places in VM. 
First I have tried to check VM that run simple application such HWA. 
The tool shows that there is thread unsafe access to some of
VM_Statistics fields that result in race condition.

\vm\vmcore\include\ vm_stats.h

class VM_Statistics

   uint64 num_free_local_called;
   uint64 num_jni_handles_wasted_refs;
   uint64 num_free_local_called_free;
   uint64 num_local_jni_handles;
   uint64 num_jni_handles_freed;

The problem occurred during execution of free_local_object_handles2
from \vm\vmcore\src\object\object_handles.cpp. 
The function increment fields of type uint64.
void free_local_object_handles2(ObjectHandles* head)
    ObjectHandlesNew* h = (ObjectHandlesNew*)head;
#ifdef VM_STATS
    VM_Statistics::get_vm_stats().num_free_local_called++;// race
    if(h->next != NULL)
race condition
#endif //VM_STATS
    while(h->next) {
#ifdef VM_STATS
        unsigned size = h->size;
        VM_Statistics::get_vm_stats().num_local_jni_handles += size; //
race condition
        VM_Statistics::get_vm_stats().num_jni_handles_freed++; // race
        VM_Statistics::get_vm_stats().num_jni_handles_wasted_refs +=
(h->capacity - size);// race condition
#endif //VM_STATS
        ObjectHandlesNew* next = h->next;
        h = next;
#ifdef VM_STATS
    VM_Statistics::get_vm_stats().num_jni_handles_wasted_refs +=
(h->capacity - h->size); // race condition
#endif //VM_STATS

There are several solutions:
1)   remove and do not use statistics at all, if anybody not needs it.
2)   make this function synchronized using lock-unlock functions from
3)   make increment by atomic APR function such apr_atomic_inc32(
volatile apr_uint32_t *  mem ), 
     but to use it we need to change the type of the fields from uint64
to volatile uint32.

What solution will be more acceptable?

Best regards,
Leviev Ilya
Intel Java & XML Engineering

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