On 12/7/06, Rana Dasgupta <rdasgupt@gmail.com> wrote:
> >Rana,
> >Allocation helper inlining is turned on only in server mode (-Xem:server)
> >and only for gc_cc

Yes, I realized after running the micro that the fast helper is checked in,
but it is not inlined yet :-) Is the server mode not the default mode? In
general, most common use case options need to be default, isn't it?

I think we should add it to the default mode this month. I do it in server mode today to avoid new bugs in the default mode.

>Even running in server mode there is a nuance: we do not have OSR so let
> the
> >method to be recompiled before testing.

I did not understand this. Does this mean that after the initial compiles by
jet, we can come back later and recompile  hot methods with OPT, but we
cannot make inlining decisions without OSR? Why? Why won't the allocation
fastpath get inlined for the hot methods on the recompile?

I mean that if the whole test is in the one method the optimized method version will never be executed unless we have on stack replacement support.

I can help you to prepare configuration for -Xem:opt mode and rerun the
> test.

Could you please publish the necessary Xem:opt configuration here? Thanks.

I attached the file. Put it to the default dir and use -Xem:opt_plus cmd line 

Mikhail Fursov