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From Egor Pasko <egor.pa...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [doc][user experience] minor improvements to website navigation and content
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2006 14:28:33 GMT
On the 0x23D day of Apache Harmony Salikh Zakirov wrote:
> Morozova, Nadezhda wrote:
> > Hi,
> > More responses below.
> Nadya, could you please be more careful with quoting?
> Broken quotation lines make it hard to understand who wrote what.
> >> (-) Renaming "Mailing lists" -> "Subscribe" ("subscribe" is less
> >> informative)
> > -1 disagree. I tried to make this group of links more visitor-oriented,
> > add simple typical action verbs. It seems more important than the
> > abstract "lists" group. 
> I do not oppose using verbs. What I do oppose is reducing the amount of
> information transferred by the titles.
> "Subscribe to mailing list" would sound good to me.


> Short "subscribe" does not explain what do you subscribe to:
> discussion, project announcements, product offers? Or maybe even online support
> contract?
> >> (-) The section "In the project" has no clearly defined subject and
> >> looks like a heap of links randomly collected together.
> > 0. hesitant. I don't know - I've tried to group the links for those
> > already in the project. The problem with some pages there - they're not
> > as good as they should be. Suggestions welcome.
> The obvious suggestion would be keep old classification "Community" and
> "Development". These section titles explained link grouping well.
> If the new titles are not as good as we want it to be, why change at all?

I do not like synthetic grouping either

> >> (-) Moving "Downloads" from "General" section to "Get involved"
> >> section. Most of our users are not going to be involved. They would
> >> just want to download and use the JDK/JRE.
> > 0. reluctant. I'd prefer to keep General focused on the project, on
> > people and policy and goals. And I am not sure we have too many users
> > who want the JDK and won't be involved at all :) 
> _Downloading_ is not related to _getting involved_.
> What I would like to see in the navigation pane is logical clarity,
> so that I need not scan link titles after reading the section title
> and deciding that it has nothing to do with my need.
> If we put "download" link into "getting involved" section, I would miss
> this link on the first glance, because I do not perceive them as related.
> Putting "download" link to "general" section would solve this problem for me.

Does not matter for me. Should be on the first page, that's true. I
usually search "Download" on unknown websites by typing :)

> >> (-) Renaming navigation subsection "Community" -> "Get involved". It
> >> now duplicates with the page title, and does not provide a logical
> >> explanation of what links are listed in the section. 
> >> "Community" was explaining the group of links better.
> > 0. hesitant. Community is more like people inside, and get involved is
> > more like resources for people outside. Just my opinion.
> I do not feel strongly about this point. Duplicated title does not look nice
> though.

hm. Nadya, both developers and users should be considered as
"inside". These two armies form the community. Separation seems like
not the spirit of opensource (imho)

> One more idea: change the "Subcomponents" section name to "Documentation", and
> move all other documentation related links there, like this:
> Documentation
> * Class library
> * Build-test framework
> * Harmony Development Kit
> * Detailed documentation map

good idea!

Egor Pasko

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