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From Salikh Zakirov <Salikh.Zaki...@Intel.com>
Subject Re: [doc][user experience] minor improvements to website navigation and content
Date Mon, 11 Dec 2006 18:37:38 GMT
Morozova, Nadezhda wrote:
> Hi,
> More responses below.

Nadya, could you please be more careful with quoting?
Broken quotation lines make it hard to understand who wrote what.

>> (-) Renaming "Mailing lists" -> "Subscribe" ("subscribe" is less
>> informative)
> -1 disagree. I tried to make this group of links more visitor-oriented,
> add simple typical action verbs. It seems more important than the
> abstract "lists" group. 

I do not oppose using verbs. What I do oppose is reducing the amount of
information transferred by the titles.
"Subscribe to mailing list" would sound good to me.

Short "subscribe" does not explain what do you subscribe to:
discussion, project announcements, product offers? Or maybe even online support

>> (-) The section "In the project" has no clearly defined subject and
>> looks like a heap of links randomly collected together.
> 0. hesitant. I don't know - I've tried to group the links for those
> already in the project. The problem with some pages there - they're not
> as good as they should be. Suggestions welcome.

The obvious suggestion would be keep old classification "Community" and
"Development". These section titles explained link grouping well.
If the new titles are not as good as we want it to be, why change at all?

>> (-) Moving "Downloads" from "General" section to "Get involved"
>> section. Most of our users are not going to be involved. They would
>> just want to download and use the JDK/JRE.
> 0. reluctant. I'd prefer to keep General focused on the project, on
> people and policy and goals. And I am not sure we have too many users
> who want the JDK and won't be involved at all :) 

_Downloading_ is not related to _getting involved_.
What I would like to see in the navigation pane is logical clarity,
so that I need not scan link titles after reading the section title
and deciding that it has nothing to do with my need.

If we put "download" link into "getting involved" section, I would miss
this link on the first glance, because I do not perceive them as related.
Putting "download" link to "general" section would solve this problem for me.

>> (-) Renaming navigation subsection "Community" -> "Get involved". It
>> now duplicates with the page title, and does not provide a logical
>> explanation of what links are listed in the section. 
>> "Community" was explaining the group of links better.

> 0. hesitant. Community is more like people inside, and get involved is
> more like resources for people outside. Just my opinion.

I do not feel strongly about this point. Duplicated title does not look nice

One more idea: change the "Subcomponents" section name to "Documentation", and
move all other documentation related links there, like this:


* Class library
* Build-test framework
* Harmony Development Kit
* Detailed documentation map

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