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From Gregory Shimansky <gshiman...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [drlvm][gcv5] is there an exclude list for "build test"?
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2006 22:05:03 GMT
Weldon Washburn wrote:
> On 11/30/06, Gregory Shimansky <gshimansky@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Weldon Washburn wrote:
>> > Xiao Feng,
>> >
>> > It would be great if you could publish something like a list of what
>> tests
>> > run.   I tried to run "build test" on windowsxp 32 w/ gcv5.  It looks
>> like
>> > all the [jvmti] tests using the JIT pass.  For some yet to be 
>> discovered
>> > reason, the test suite fails when it runs the JVMTI  breakpoint1 
>> test w/
>> > interpreter.
>> JVMTI tests are quite special because it is a quite different execution
>> mode. I've made them the first in the "build test" run, but it doesn't
>> mean you should start investigation with them.
>> Try to use "build smoke.test" and "build kernel.test". These test suites
>> execute VM in normal conditions, and kernel tests are executed in 3
>> different mode (jet, opt, interpreter).
> I ran "build kernel.test".  It ran about 50 tests successfully then hung 
> for
> a hour.  I did a control-C but now can't figure out what test was actually
> hung.  There is no xml " report" file that says what failed.  All the 
> prompt
> line says is about 65  "[junit] Tests run....".  Not much to go on.  Any
> suggestions?

Kernel tests put their reports in semis/kernel.tests/reports directory. 
If the test hangs, the report should have 0 size. Other than the 
suggestion is to attach debugger to the process and try to figure out 
what it is doing.


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