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From "Evgueni Brevnov" <evgueni.brev...@gmail.com>
Subject [drlvm][threading] Potential race condition in safe-point callbacks.
Date Mon, 11 Dec 2006 15:26:29 GMT
Hi All,

While working on http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HARMONY-2391 I
found out that current implementation of safe-point callbacks works
incorrectly/unsafely. Here is a list of problems:

1) hythread_suspend & hythread_resume are used asynchronously what may
lead to a deadlock. Here is the scenario:
    a) T1 wants to set a safe-point callback to T2. So it calls
hythread_set_safe_point_callback(T2, the_callback).
    b) T1 sets T2->safepoint_callback to the_callback;
    c) T2 executes hythread_resume(self) which is under if
(thread->safepoint_callback) statement.
    d) T1 calls send_suspend_request(T2). So T2 will never be resumed
because it already invoked corresponding hythread_resume(self)
statement on the previous step.

2) Current implementation sets suspend_disable_count to 1
(thread_native_suspend.c:162) and allows execution of unsafe code
(which must be executed under suspend disabled state) while GC may be

3) In stop_callback (thread_java_basic.c:413) suspend_request for the
current thread is set to zero. So the thread just ignores
suspend_requests and continue to do its dirty things.

All these problems are fixed in the HARMONY-2391. But
starts to fail. The scenario is as follows:

1) T1 suspends T2 (so the suspend_request is >0).
2) T1 stops T2 by setting up the stop_callback to T2.
3) T2 needs to switch to suspend disabled state to be able to throw
exception but it can't do that because of step 1)

>From the one hand, If I rollback my changes for the 3) problem
described in the first list the this test works fine. From the other
hand, I can't do it because it may lead to a crash if GC is really
working at the time I want to throw an exception. I don't see how to
fix it in an easy way right now.... but want to proceed with

What would you recommend to do?
1) Commit the HARMONY-2391 patch as is. File a JIRA regarding failing
case. Exclude the test until the bug is fixed.
2) Commit the HARMONY-2391 patch with 3) undone. File a JIRA. In this
case it is possible to have intermittent failures until the problem is
not fixed.


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