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From "Alexey Petrenko" <alexey.a.petre...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [general] Wise JIRA processing
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2006 13:24:25 GMT
2006/12/14, Mikhail Markov <mikhail.a.markov@gmail.com>:
> Ok, i'll try to write the picture as i see it (perhaps too innovative :-)):
> General:
> There are currently (Apache standard) 2 roles: contributors & committers
> (contributors could open JIRA, assign patches, committers could modify
> JIRA(reopen, close etc.) and commit the code). People are gained committer
> status when they demonstrated significant dedication to the project etc.
> Roughly speaking, the distribution is 3% - committers, 97% - contributors
> The suggestion is to have 3 roles: contributors, "JIRA contributors" (or
> whatever...) & committers. JIRA contributors could modify JIRA. People are
> gained JIRA contibutor status also when they demonstrated significant
> dedication to the project, but less, or less significant :-).
> Some JIRA could be resolved without any commits to svn (not reproducible,
> for example), so JIRA contributors could resolve such issues.
What is the problem with asking commiters to close the issue?

> I think that having 30%-40% of people having full JIRA access will be
> enough.
How did you get these numbers?

> Why:
> If we think of development in a private company working on not too large
> project, then usually everybody have full access to bugtracking system so
> people could easily reassign/close etc bugs and at the same time people
> discuss technical details in the mailing list.
And they also usually has full access to the repository.

> Of course Harmony is open source, but we strive to become
> "world class, certified implementation of the Java Platform Standard Edition"
Are you trying to say that it is impossible to achieve "world class,
certified, etc" with open source practices only? :)

> we could utilize such experience for quicker JIRA processing.
> As there are usually a lot of JIRA, but little
> number of committers, whose primary role, imo, applying patches (if they
> don't do it, then who would? :-)), they might be busy with this activity and
> have no time for everything else, this adding new role could help quicker
> deal with issues which do not require committing. At the same time i do not
> think people will less talk and discuss in the mailing list.
So what is the main goal which you are trying to achive with
"contributor access"?
Possibility to close bugs for non-committers? OK, but what the problem
to ask the committer to close? If this request is well supported by
JIRA comments then closing an issue will not take much time.

SY, Alexey

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