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From "Alexei Fedotov" <alexei.fedo...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [classlib] new dependency (was: Re: [testing][crash handling] it will nice to add *any* crash handling to build system)
Date Mon, 18 Dec 2006 18:36:46 GMT
Alex wrote,
> Have you?

Aha, I see. Thanks for asking? Sure, I do.

Your solution targets very specific area - VM regression tests.
Currently people get used to run class library tests, or VM smoke
tests. You solution isn't easily extensible to these areas - for
example, "once" mode, which is default for class library tests isn't

It would require a fair amount of thinking to create a good common
solution. Committers asked you to invest your time making a solution
common. Why?

Keeping several different solutions for these different areas will
require from our small community a triple maintenance effort - we
should maintain each infrastructure we develop. That is why the value
of committing this very specific code can be negative (sorry):

* We got maintenance responsibility
* We didn't solve a main task such as handling crashes for class library tests

Personally, I would suggest to design a solution which should be good
enough to be included into Ant. This would guarantee a good design and
nullify maintenance when it would be accepted.

On 12/18/06, Alexander Kleymenov <kleymenov@gmail.com> wrote:
> Can't catch the logic..
> I have not seen any explanations from him. Have you?
> Alexander

With best regards,
ESSD, Intel

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