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From "Alexei Fedotov" <alexei.fedo...@gmail.com>
Subject [drlvm][ti] calbacks in compile_jit_a_method
Date Thu, 07 Dec 2006 23:22:14 GMT
Gregory, All,

I started looking into the compile.cpp file and found new ti callbacks
in compile_jit_a_method jit stub. I've got several questions.

DebugUtilsTI *ti = VM_Global_State::loader_env->TI;
if(ti->isEnabled() && ti->is_single_step_enabled()
    && !method->is_native())
    jvmti_set_single_step_breakpoints_for_method(ti, p_TLS_vmthread, method);

* Why ti->isEnabled() checks are repeated inside and outside the call
to jvmti_set_single_step_breakpoints_for_method()?
* Why not to use compile_do_compilation_jit() function for this
callback - this function is called for java methods?
* Is it ok to use a global ti environment? Can we hide access to the
environment on your side as it is done in other functions to avoid
touching this code later when you decide to support multiple

The questions are probably quite easy for you to answer, but I
hesitate that I missed some basics and ask you to comment.

With best regards,
ESSD, Intel

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