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From "Ivan Popov" <ivan.g.po...@gmail.com>
Subject [jdktools] Building jdktools and JPDA component
Date Fri, 08 Dec 2006 16:11:14 GMT
I've tried to build jdktools with the latest changes in its build
system. On Linux build works well, but on Windows it fails mostly
because of lack of makefiles for JPDA module.

I've created missed makefiles for JPDA module, prepared patches and
added them to HARMONY-2180. With these patches jdktools component is
built successfully on both Windows and Linux. It can be built on top
on working_classlib as well as referencing to existing HDK by using
hy.hdk property. These makefiles are simple enough, but I'd like them
to be committed to svn, so we can build jdktools on both platforms and
can improve the overall build later.

The only problem is that the required jvmti.h file is missed in HDK
and its classlib copy (provided in
working_classlib/deploy/jdk/include) does not support C++. I've just
manually replaced jvmti.h and jni.h/jniport.h in working_classlib with
jvmti.h/jvmti_types.h and jni.h/jni_types.h from DRLVM and was able to
build jdktools.

We have to agree on which copies of jni.h/jvmti.h should be shared
between Harmony components and where they should be located. One of
possible solution is to move these files to the top-level component

One more problem with building jdktools is that 'ant clean' fails
reporting the following file was not deleted:


However, second attempt to run 'ant clean' succeeds. I did not check
what's the problem with deleting this file.


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