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From "Geir Magnusson Jr." <g...@pobox.com>
Subject Re: [build] Downloading dependencies
Date Wed, 20 Dec 2006 10:41:02 GMT

Tim Ellison wrote:
> Ivanov, Alexey A wrote:
>> In default installation WinXP does not have this library in system32.
>> This library is installed by Visual Studio 2003 and may be installed by
>> other software which was compiled with Visual Studio 2003 (which is
>> v7.1). Visual Studio 2002 (v7.0) has msvc70.dll, if I remember
>> correctly.
>> That is it may happen system lacks for this DLL. And Microsoft
>> recommends avoiding copying DLLs to system32 when installing an
>> application. Thus we better distribute this DLL in snapshots and further
>> releases because users may not have it.
>> On the other hand, if a person has Microsoft compiler installed, the DLL
>> will most likely be in system32.
>> That's it.
> Agreed -- we were getting that DLL so we could distribute it to our
> users who may not have the compiler installed.
> If we think it is more reliable to grab the DLL from system32/ than
> download it we can do that.  I guess we look for a env var to figure out
> where windows is installed...

Ok - so we seem to be agreed that :

1) We can't count on it being on a user's machine

2) We don't need to download it because it will be part of the tool chain

3) We need to then find it.

Could we do something like

    GetModuleFileName(LoadLibrary(....), buffer, size);

to figure it out?

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