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From Tim Ellison <t.p.elli...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Apache Harmony Board Report, December 2006
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2006 16:54:15 GMT

Well written


Geir Magnusson Jr. wrote:
> Apache Harmony Board Report, December 2006
> ==========================================
> Issues requiring the Board's attention: none.
> Infrastructure
> --------------
> We have now completed our second full month of TLP, and with the recent
> creation of our Solaris Zone, we have no outstanding infrastructure
> requests, and thank the ASF infrastructure team for helping us with our
> transition from the Incubator.  We plan on adding a few new mail lists,
> one for our community-distributed build/test system alerts, and
> eventually one for users.
> Development
> -----------
> The project continues to make progress towards it's primary goal of a
> complete implementation of Java SE 5.  We have over 96% of the Java SE 5
> class library complete, and the virtual machine continues to make
> substantial progress.  We look forward to securing the JCK for Java SE 6
> to start integrating it into our build/test frameworks as to immediately
> begin testing the portions of the classlibrary that we believe are spec
> complete.
> While I can't quantify the VM as I can the class library in terms of
> measurable completeness, it's clear we're making good progress due to
> the continued improvements in stability, functionality and performance.
>  We also have quite a bit of progress in the area of documentation and
> website, with a committed set of community members focused on that.
> In the last month we completed substantial work on our "JDK tools" part
> of the project, which is the code and build infrastructure for the
> additional programs that come with the runtime environment in the "Java
> Development Kit" (aka JDK).  As of now, we have a JDK that has "java"
> (the runtime), "javac" (the Java language to bytecode compiler, based on
> the Eclipse ECJ compiler), "javah" (C header and stub file generator),
> and "keytool" (used for manipulating keys and certificates), and will
> continue to work to complete the full toolchain.
> Security
> --------
> Mid November, a user identified a potential vulnerability in the
> codebase pertaining to a thread being able to mine values owned by other
>   threads in the so-called "ThreadLocal" storage.    This was identified
> on the private@ list, and after the PMC determined that there was no
> real need continued discussion in secrecy, we moved the discussion to
> the public list and resolved to everyone's satisfaction.
> Community
> ---------
> On the community front, things are fairly static.  We are seeing a small
> drop in our dev list participation numbers, but there are no known
> reasons why, other than seasonal variability.
> In late November, Sun announced the creation of their open source Java
> project called "OpenJDK".  They will be releasing over the next 6 months
> the source code to Java SE 6, under the GPLv2 and GPLv2+Classpath
> Exception licenses.  As of now, they have released their "javac"
> Java-language-to-bytecode compiler and their VM to the community under
> the GPLv2 license.  Currently, they are still working out the details
> regarding their community structure.  We expect that this action will
> have at least a short term affect on our community, simply because it's
> a more advanced codebase, and an alternative community for people to
> participate in.  Overall, though, this is a positive thing for the open
> source Java ecosystem, and we'll continue to look for ways to bridge the
> two communities.
> One final community note - the Apache Gump project has been working
> towards using Harmony as a "base" for their activities, and with the
> recent completion of the "javac" compiler in Harmony, we're hoping that
> we'll soon start seeing full Gump runs on the Harmony JDK.
> On behalf of the Apache Harmony Project,
> geir

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