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From "Geir Magnusson Jr." <g...@pobox.com>
Subject Re: [vmi] Retrieving system properties
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2006 08:51:31 GMT

Tim Ellison wrote:
> Gregory Shimansky wrote:
>> Tim Ellison wrote:
>>> Gregory Shimansky wrote:
>>>> Tim Ellison wrote:
>>>>> Maybe we do, i.e. where there is no value "-Dfoobar".  So perhaps we
>>>>> need to say that GetSystemProperty returns VMI_ERROR_NONE and sets the
>>>>> the *valuePtr to NULL if there is no value; and returns a
>>>>> VMI_ERROR_NOT_FOUND if the property is undefined.
>>>> Now I am confused. What is the difference between a property which has
>>>> no value and an undefined property?
>>> Sorry, I meant a property whose value is NULL.  So the three cases are:
>>> 1) key = "foo", value = "bar"
>>> 2) key = "foo", value = NULL
>>> 3) no key called "foo"
>>> If (2) is disallowed then we should document that in SetSystemProperty().
>> I would prefer to have (2) to be illegal. Can we document this please?
> No objection here.  So to attempt a new clarification ...
> GetSystemProperty will return VMI_ERROR_NONE and a string value for
> existing properties, or NULL value for a non-existent property.
> SetSystemProperty will return VMI_ERROR_NONE for setting an existing
> property to a string value, or VMI_ILLEGAL_ARG if there is an attempt to
> set the property value to NULL.
> How does that sound?

Why again do we want 2 to be illegal?  (Sorry, was out of pocket for a 
while there yesterday...)


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