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From "Zakharov, Vasily M" <vasily.m.zakha...@intel.com>
Subject RE: Issue with Yoko: ClassLoader.classes
Date Sun, 24 Dec 2006 00:17:22 GMT

Well, here's the Yoko JIRA:

Thanks Tim!


-----Original Message-----
From: Tim Ellison [mailto:t.p.ellison@gmail.com] 
Sent: Sunday, December 24, 2006 1:03 AM
To: dev@harmony.apache.org
Subject: Re: Issue with Yoko: ClassLoader.classes

Zakharov, Vasily M wrote:
> Hi, all,
> I was checking the output from HARMONY-2615
> <http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HARMONY-2615>  stress test, and
> found a couple of issues with Yoko.
> org.apache.yoko.rmi.util.ClassLoaderLocal class contains the following
> line in its static initializer:
> 	classes_vector = ClassLoader.class.getDeclaredField("classes");
> This line references the classes field in class java.lang.ClassLoader,
> and that field is not documented by RI API JavaDoc and so is absent in
> Harmony classlib.
> As the result of this issue, the classes
> org.apache.yoko.rmi.util.ClassLoaderLocal and
> org.apache.yoko.rmi.impl.PortableRemoteObjectExtImpl fail to load with
> NoSuchFieldException.
> I'm not sure what should be done to this issue.
> Should we file it to Yoko JIRA as "strong bond to RI"?
> Or should we add the field mentioned to Harmony classlib? :)

Yes, let's raise the issue with Yoko and understand why they need to
reach in to use that field -- then we can either help with how that
information can be obtained via standard Java API, or consider defining
an o.a.harmony API that gives them the required info (Yoko will just
need to figure out which JRE they are running on).

I'll look out for the discussion on yoko-dev.


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