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From "Zakharov, Vasily M" <vasily.m.zakha...@intel.com>
Subject Compatibility or non-bug question
Date Sat, 16 Dec 2006 01:21:02 GMT
Hi, all,

I'm now trying to investigate and fix some trivial bugs, but I'm not
sure which way to fix them to.

There're multiple situations where RI, say, doesn't throw exception and
Harmony does throw, and throwing an exception in that situation looks
good and logical.

In other words, the question is, what is a compatibility bug (that needs
to be fixed to match RI) and what is a non-bug difference.

Also, there's a question on non-bug differences. They're not bugs, but
what should we do to them? Just close them, if Harmony behaviour seems
more correct than RI's? Or fix them to match RI though they're not bugs,
to make sure we don't break existing applications?

Here are two characteristic examples of uncertainties that occur rather

Do we have some, say, policy, or guideline on how issues like these
could (or should) be resolved?

There're many issues like these, and having a general approach would
ease dealing with them...

Any opinions?

Thank you!

Vasily Zakharov
Intel Enterprise Solutions Software Division

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