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From Gregory Shimansky <gshiman...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [drlvm] notes for jira cleanup
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2006 16:30:23 GMT
Vladimir Beliaev wrote:
> Hello,
> I experimented with DRLVM JIRA filtering to get an idea about current 
> issues. BTW, does anyone know the expression to find "all DRLVM bugs 
> excepting ones containing [jit] in summary" (I mean, help says that just 
> 'NOT "\[jit\]"' in summary is not a valid expression) ???
> Anyway, it turned out that a lot of JIRAs of the same kind have 
> different prefixes, some of them have no prefix at all, some of them 
> have not-quite-correct type (like "Improvement" is set to "Bug"), some 
> of them have patches but do not have "Patch available" set.
> The attached document contains the notes about found issues in simple 
> form. Would be nice to get these cleanup issues resolved to simplify 
> working with JIRA. Ok, not all of the issues are fixed yet.

I've applied the changes to most JIRAs which you've listed. Those that 
are already closed I didn't touch. Sorry for causing some spam on 
commits mail list.

> I followed the rules below which I gathered from existing DRLVM JIRA 
> summaries:
> *  each DRLVM issue summary should have [drlvm] prefix (it may help with 
> 'NOT "\[jit\]"' filter issue because valid one is '"\[drlvm\]" NOT 
> "\[jit\]"')
> *  each JIT-related issue contains [jit] additional prefix. So, the 
> valid one is [drlvm][jit][opt], not [drlvm][opt]
> *  each build-system related issue contains [build] additional prefix 
> (like regression framework should have [drlvm][build] prefix)
> *  prefix may include addition prefix defining subcomponent (like [gc], 
> [thread], [verifier], [em], [opt], [port], etc).
> *  if JIRA has Test type, it may have [test] additional prefix.
> *  prefix should use low case letters (because ordering by summary is 
> case sensitive - [DRLVM][GC] and [drlvm][gc] are not shown together)
> *  prefix should not contain 'space' character (excepting prefixes like 
> [drlvm][kernel test])
> That's it
> Thanks
> ---
> Vladimir Beliaev
> Intel, Enterprise Solutions Software Division
> P.S. I'll resend this e-mail if attachment will be lost due to apache 
> filtering.

It was not lost... surprise.


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