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From Vladimir Beliaev <vladimir.k.beli...@gmail.com>
Subject [drlvm] notes for jira cleanup
Date Fri, 24 Nov 2006 12:52:53 GMT

I experimented with DRLVM JIRA filtering to get an idea about current 
issues. BTW, does anyone know the expression to find "all DRLVM bugs 
excepting ones containing [jit] in summary" (I mean, help says that just 
'NOT "\[jit\]"' in summary is not a valid expression) ???

Anyway, it turned out that a lot of JIRAs of the same kind have 
different prefixes, some of them have no prefix at all, some of them 
have not-quite-correct type (like "Improvement" is set to "Bug"), some 
of them have patches but do not have "Patch available" set.

The attached document contains the notes about found issues in simple 
form. Would be nice to get these cleanup issues resolved to simplify 
working with JIRA. Ok, not all of the issues are fixed yet.

I followed the rules below which I gathered from existing DRLVM JIRA 
*  each DRLVM issue summary should have [drlvm] prefix (it may help with 
'NOT "\[jit\]"' filter issue because valid one is '"\[drlvm\]" NOT 
*  each JIT-related issue contains [jit] additional prefix. So, the 
valid one is [drlvm][jit][opt], not [drlvm][opt]
*  each build-system related issue contains [build] additional prefix 
(like regression framework should have [drlvm][build] prefix)
*  prefix may include addition prefix defining subcomponent (like [gc], 
[thread], [verifier], [em], [opt], [port], etc).
*  if JIRA has Test type, it may have [test] additional prefix.
*  prefix should use low case letters (because ordering by summary is 
case sensitive - [DRLVM][GC] and [drlvm][gc] are not shown together)
*  prefix should not contain 'space' character (excepting prefixes like 
[drlvm][kernel test])

That's it

Vladimir Beliaev
Intel, Enterprise Solutions Software Division

P.S. I'll resend this e-mail if attachment will be lost due to apache 

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