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From Gregory Shimansky <gshiman...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [drlvm][jit][ia-32]register-based fast calling convention
Date Tue, 21 Nov 2006 13:40:50 GMT
Alex Astapchuk wrote:
> Well, the tuning parameters I was thinking about could be java 
> properties. Something like

These are not exactly java properties. Java program does not control 
their internal values and cannot "tune" its own compilation mode :)

These properties are VM internal, and while their values are propagated 
to Java properties level, the reverse is not true. Java program may 
change their values on Java level, but it does nothing to the native level.

So I would prefer to call them VM properties.

> ; whether managed code uses 'fast' calling convention or not
> vm.managed_cc=drlfast|default
> ; whether to use FPU to return float point from methods
> vm.fastcc.use_fpu_ret=true|false
> ; the rest of names are quite self-descriptive
> vm.fastcc.num_xmm_args_regs=<a number of SSE registers for args>
> vm.fastcc.num_xmm_calleesave=<a number of SSE registers used as 
> callee-save>
> vm.fastcc.num_gp_args_regs=<0-3 or symbolic names like eax,ecx,edx>
> with
>     use_fpu_ret=true
>     num_xmm_args_regs=0
>     num_xmm_calleesave=0
>     num_gp_args_regs=0
> the 'drlfast' turns into the currently used default convention for IA-32.


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