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From Alex Astapchuk <alex.astapc...@gmail.com>
Subject [drlvm][jit][ia-32]register-based fast calling convention
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2006 13:58:11 GMT
Hi all,

Among other things listed on the JIT Dev tasks, there is a need for
calling convention (CC) fix-up for IA-32 [1].

Current problems are:

1. The calling convention(s) used are stack-based - this adds a memory
access overhead on calls.
2. The convention currently used for managed code neither allow to pass
float-point values on XMM registers, nor it provides callee-saved XMM
3. FPU stack is used to return float/double values

Both 2) and 3) affect register allocation for float point values in a
bad manner.
Fixing even the 1) looks promising for hot vm helpers like monitor
enter/exit and resolve_interface_vtable.

So, I'm going to implement register-based calling convention for IA-32.

The current proposal is:
     - make it possible to switch between existing and new conventions
	for investigation and tuning purposes
     - implement 2 calling conventions:
	1. well known standard fastcall (fisrt 2 params on ECX+EDX, the
	rest is on stack)
	2. DRLVM-specific convention: which involves ECX, EDX (and may
	be EAX) for integer/parameters passing and also use XMMs for
	float-point parameters and produce callee-save XMMs.
The #1 may be used to call internal C-based helpers. It may also be used
to call VM helpers where XMM callee save regs may add unnecessary
overhead on the helper itself. The example I can think of is
resolve_interface helper - preserving XMMs there looks overkill.

#2 will help to speed-up managed code both call-intensive and (I hope)
FP-intesive - together with register allocator tuning.

Any comments are welcome.



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