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From George Timoshenko <george.timoshe...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [drlvm][jvmti] Profiling support - Compiled Method Load event
Date Mon, 13 Nov 2006 05:58:43 GMT
There is one more "PRO" for the second approach.
There is already some implementation of required functionality in svn.
It is being controlled by exe_notify_compile_method_load flag.

The patch with this flag attached to the JIRA issue.
It appends exe_notify_compile_method_load flag into the 
OpenMethodExecutionParam struct (FALSE by default).

When the flag is turned on code emitter runs sendCompiledMethodLoadEvent 
for each method that was compiled during current compilation session.

Here is the current implementation of sendCompiledMethodLoadEvent (in 

void DrlVMCompilationInterface::sendCompiledMethodLoadEvent(MethodDesc * 
         uint32 codeSize, void* codeAddr, uint32 mapLength,
         AddrLocation* addrLocationMap, void* compileInfo) {

     // VM-JIT interface function should be called here instead of logging
     if (Log::isEnabled()) {
         Log::out() << "   ** Inlined method: "
                 << methodDesc->getName() << std::endl;
         Log::out() << "   ** Number of locations:" << mapLength
                 << std::endl;

sendCompiledMethodLoadEvent ‘s signature AFAIU is exactly the same as 
the one from SPEC.

So all we need IMO is to insert into sendCompiledMethodLoadEvent a call 
to VM that raises necessary event. (as it was supposed in the comment in 

Is the extension of the OpenMethodExecutionParam struct appropriate?

Which call should be inserted into sendCompiledMethodLoadEvent at place 
of logging?

Eugene Ostrovsky wrote:
> Opended issue  
> *HARMONY-2145<https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HARMONY-2145>
> * .
>> To support the feature VM need to know about those inlined methods. Right
>> now I can see two possible approaches:
>> 1. When VM initiates method compilation, it can ask the jit about methods
>> that were inlined to compiled method and report all of them.
>> 2. JIT itself can notify VM about every compiled method by calling some
>> special interface function after the method compilation.

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