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From Salikh Zakirov <Salikh.Zaki...@Intel.com>
Subject Re: [drlvm] Class unloading support - tested one approach
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2006 15:13:10 GMT
Robin Garner wrote:
> Etienne Gagnon wrote:
>> 3- Why would it be so hard to add an unconditional write operation
>> during collection (e.g. during copying or marking of an object) in
>> drlvm?  A detailed technical explanation is welcome. :-)
> I actually believe that this should be implementable in a GC-neutral
> way, whether vtables are objects or not.  The GC will at some point ask
> the VM for the GC map of the object it is about to scan.  At this point
> the VM can write the mark of the vtable.
> I guess I'm making an assumption about the GC -> VM interface here, but
> if it doesn't exist, it should :)

In the current GC-VM interface, which is used in DRLVM
(see vm/include/open/gc.h and vm/include/open/vm_gc.h),
the GC never asks VM about gcmap; instead, it is building a gcmap
itself as one of the class loading steps. VM calls gc_class_prepared()
for each loaded class, and GC uses various query functions to learn
about types and offsets of object fields.

The gcmap pointer is stored in the VTable, in the several bytes reserved specifically
for the GC use.

Technically, it should not be too difficult to add an additional field to the VTable
structure, and require GC to write 1 there during object scanning.
However, if the VTable mark is located in the same cache line as gcmap,
it may severely hit parallel GC performance on a multiprocessor due to false sharing,
as writing VTable mark will invalidate the gcmap pointers loaded to caches of other

   object            VTable                   gcmap
 +--------+        +-----------+            +------------------+
 | VT ptr |------->| gcmap ptr |----------->| offset of ref #1 |
 |  ...   |        |    ...    |            | offset of ref #2 |
 +--------+        +-----------+            |       ...        |
                                            |        0         |

(* actually, in the current default collector "gc_cc",
 gcmap ptr also has some flags in lower 3 bits, and gcmap has some fields
before offsets array as well *)

That's why we probably would want to have the VTable mark be separated enough
from both gcmap pointer and the gcmap itself. 

>> By the way, what are the currently competing proposals?
>> 1- object vtables
>> 2- Robin/Gagnon proposal  (still finishing up some details ;-)
>> 3- Is there a 3rd?

yes, as far as I heard from Aleksey Ignatenko, there was 3rd prototype in works,
which worked as a completely independent from the GC stop-the-world phase,
tracing the heap and marking classes and classloaders specially.
The tracing functionality was reimplemented within VM without any GC changes.
The stop-the-world phase was piggy-backed into some collections.

And yet before the 3rd prototype, there was one more, which was different
in the tracing implementation. It used GC->VM callback on each object scan.

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