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From "Anton Luht" <anton.l...@gmail.com>
Subject [testing] harmonytest.org new features
Date Fri, 10 Nov 2006 07:31:40 GMT

Yesterday I've deployed a new version to harmonytest.org

New features include:
- packages/suites/tests tree-like navigation (as in local JUnit html
results).Tree navigation populated to old results, too.
- the first page only includes 50 latest test runs, link to archive
search added (includes search by uploader's name - request by Tony Wu)
- filter diff results by test name (request by Alexei Fedotov)
- detection of crashes - sometimes when suite crashes, there is an
empty TEST-<suite-name>.xml file in the run results. If such file is
found, all tests from this suite (detected from previous runs) are
marked as crashed in this run.

Bugs fixed:
- duplicates in the results (if any) are merged (bug report by Tony Wu
- test count on the site was bigger than real one)
- there was a problem in uploading large files - >~ 5Mb - the results
were not imported - playing with the configuration solved this problem
- at least my test 11Mb file that broke the upload now uploads

Please report bugs and send feature requests.

Anton Luht,
Intel Java & XML Engineering

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