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From "Alexey Petrenko" <alexey.a.petre...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Japitools 0.9.7 released
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2006 07:46:25 GMT
Great news!

Thanks, Stuart, for creation and support of such useful software!

SY, Alexey

2006/11/14, Stuart Ballard <stuart.a.ballard@gmail.com>:
> I'm thrilled to be able to announce four things:
> 1) After far too long a wait, Japitools 0.9.7 "Life, liberty[1] and
> the pursuit of Japiness" has been released.
> This release includes the following improvements over 0.9.5:
> - Almost complete 1.5 language support, including generics, enums and
> varargs methods. The only missing feature for full language support
> (and the only blocker for a 1.0 release) is annotations. Big thanks to
> Jeroen Frijters for doing the heavy lifting of teaching Japitools to
> parse these features in .class files.
> - The ability to mark methods as not implemented by adding
> "NotImplementedException" to the throws clause. This allows Japitools
> to give results that more accurately match reality when parts of an
> API are known to have been "stubbed out" rather than actually being
> implemented.
> - The ability to traverse packages non-recursively (thanks to a
> contribution from Jaroslav Tuloch), making it easier to correctly
> specify the packages that are part of a public API, especially when
> that API is large. The new japiextractpkgs tool allows the list of
> packages to be extracted from Javadoc documentation.
> - An Ant task for running Japitools, thanks again to Jaroslav.
> - Too many bug fixes and minor enhancements to name, including a lot
> of changes that eliminate false positives and false negatives from the
> results. Thanks to many people for bug reports, feature suggestions
> and help in testing.
> 2) That there is now a Japitools mailing list,
> japitools-list@nongnu.org. See the mailing lists page
> (http://sab39.netreach.com/Software/Japitools/Mailing_Lists/52/) for
> more information.
> 3) That Japitools has a new homepage, http://sab39.netreach.com/japi/.
> It's ugly, and it's still a work in progress - some sections are still
> missing content, and others still have content that hasn't entirely
> been updated to match the current state of reality. I didn't want to
> delay any further getting the new release into people's hands. I'll
> continue working on filling out the content.
> 4) That Sun are AWESOME today!
> Stuart.
> [1] https://openjdk.dev.java.net/
> --
> http://sab39.netreach.com/

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