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From "Stuart Ballard" <stuart.a.ball...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [Fwd: Re: Interesting discoveries playing around with japitools]
Date Tue, 07 Nov 2006 17:08:39 GMT
On 11/7/06, Stefano Mazzocchi <stefano@apache.org> wrote:
> btw, I signed up on the japi mail list, so I think we should take it
> from there.

cc'ing both harmony-dev and japitools-list for now so that at least
harmony folks are aware the discussion is moving. Feel free to just
stick to japitools-list for followups.

> If you need some CSS/webdesign skills, I'll be happy to give a hand.

Heh, yeah, I know it's ugly. I generally know enough CSS and HTML to
achieve a particular desired result - it's knowing *what* desired
result I want to achieve that's tricky.

In theory I like the idea of a site that mimics the look of the
results pages somewhat, since that's what most people know Japitools
from. It'd be great if that could be achieved while still being
attractive and usable though.

> > I'd really love if some Harmony developers would join the japitools
> > mailing list if you're interested in the Japi results and how to make
> > best use of them. I plan to announce both the lists and the new
> > website more prominently when I have a new release to announce as
> > well, but seeing as there was active discussion going on right now, I
> > didn't want to wait.
> oh, didn't even know one existed.

It didn't. I created it about 2 days ago ;)

> > (Yes, the japitools list is on an FSF server. I really really hope
> > that this isn't going to be a political problem for you guys. I
> > selected Savannah for hosting japitools before Harmony even existed,
> > because it made most sense at the time when Classpath developers were
> > the main users. Please don't let that hinder our ability to
> > communicate on something that makes sense for all projects concerned)
> you kidding? of course I'll join.

I'm never quite sure. Some of the politics between the Classpath and
Harmony projects have been quite scary from my point of view.


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