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From "Robin Garner" <robin.gar...@anu.edu.au>
Subject Re: [performance] a few early benchmarks
Date Wed, 22 Nov 2006 22:02:06 GMT
> Sergey Kuksenko wrote:
>> Lets do the simplest thing fist. :)
>> We can do it. We only need to specify a set of workloads.
> I've tried running dacapo with 10 warming stages and we are constantly
> around 25% speed against the leading JVM (which is always sun5 or sun6),
> bea5 is around 80% and ibm5 is around 70%, I'll have more detailed
> results shortly.

In my graphs, I find that for drlvm iterations 2 and 3 have very similar
performance - my assumption would be that by the third iteration, most of
the benefit of recompilation has gone.

> Robin, any chance you guys can add 'skymark2' to the dacapo benchmarks?
> I think that would be helpful.

Do you have a link for it ?  I've googled without success.  We are looking
for benchmarks for the next major release, so I'd like to see if it meets
our criteria.

> Also, a great thing would be for dacapo to output an XML serialization
> of the benchmark results.

The MMTk measurement harness does that, and it sounds like a good idea. 
Any thoughts on what the output would look like ?  It's easy to write a
new callback that will do this.

> It also appears that we can't run some of the dacapo tests, most notably
> antlr (jvm fails with no error and just terminates right during the
> first warmup) and chart (because it requires a DISPLAY to be
> available... can we run harmony headless yet?)

I've created a JIRA about the antlr issue.  I manage to run it in the
regression tests by pulling out the DaCapo antlr classes and pre-pending
them to the boot classpath.

Chart is easy to run in batch if you create a virtual framebuffer with
Xvfb, but I've created a JIRA about this issue too.  Gnu Classpath has the
same issue.

>From memory, installing xvfb requires the debian/ubuntu packages xvfb,
x11-base and xfonts-base.

> --
> Stefano.

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