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From "Morozova, Nadezhda" <nadezhda.moroz...@intel.com>
Subject RE: [doc] What should be improved in DRLVM Doxygen documentation?
Date Mon, 20 Nov 2006 14:55:34 GMT

That's a great start. Yes, if we have such a table as the front page for
Doxygen interfaces, it would be great. If you wish, I can prepare the
patch with the nice-looking version of it all.

- When building Doxygen, can we have a target for inter-component
interfaces and for each component?
- if yes, should the files inside the include/ subfolder be built with
the component they belong to?
- For VM core and jit: any ideas on how to group files further? The
current list of files belonging to vm core interfaces is *so* long...
- Should we prepare docs for gcv4? 

Thank you, 
Nadya Morozova

>-----Original Message-----
>From: Andrey Yakushev [mailto:andrey.yakushev@gmail.com]
>Sent: Monday, November 20, 2006 3:47 PM
>To: harmony-dev@incubator.apache.org
>Subject: Re: [doc] What should be improved in DRLVM Doxygen
>In order to understand the mapping between h-files and structure
>described in the Developers guide I have tried to prepare some initial
>classification. I put draft at
>Probably such tables could be added to Doxygen doc; of course after
>verification and rewriting it in more user friendly manner.
>Is this helpful?
>On 11/7/06, Mikhail Fursov <mike.fursov@gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 07 Nov 2006 21:17:45 +0600, Egor Pasko <egor.pasko@gmail.com>
>> > Do we feel that it is time to set responsibilities on documenting
>> > vm/include/* ?
>> +1 To start working on intercomponent interfaces. Going to commit a
>> of EM interface files with documentation tomorrow. I do not believe
>> someday we will have all component's local code documented (-1 to
>> policy for patches), but intercomponent documentation is something we
>> have (actually we must not only document but clean the code too)
>> --
>> Mikhail Fursov

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