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From "Geir Magnusson Jr." <g...@pobox.com>
Subject Re: [drlvm][testing] Regression Testing Infrastructure proposal
Date Mon, 27 Nov 2006 13:42:13 GMT
I had an email from last week responding to your first message that I 
didn't hit send on.  it said :

I like it!  Seems like it does no harm, too :)

I've been trying to collect the various examples/tests that's we've been 
getting for DRLVM in src/test.  I assume now we can convert those over?

I think this solved HARMONY-1048 too :)

More inline :

Alexander Kleymenov wrote:
> Geir,
> I'm responding to your comment on HARMONY-2283 report in this thread.
> On 11/26/06, Geir Magnusson Jr (JIRA) <jira@apache.org> wrote:
>>    [ 
>> http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HARMONY-2283?page=comments#action_12453441 
>> ]
>> Geir Magnusson Jr commented on HARMONY-2283:
>> --------------------------------------------
>> I'm playing with it.  Things I want to do :
>> 1) make it so that the jasmin jar is optional, or make it so that it's 
>> fetched automatically, dependably
> Now it is implemented using common fetching mechanism: jasmin.jar is
> downloaded with other dependencies during executing of "update"
> target. So before running of "reg.test" target "ant update" target
> should be launched.

That wasn't my experience with the patch - I had to provide a location 
for it so the jar could be fetched, which meant that there was no auto 
way of doing it.

IOW, as far as I understand it now, if I committed the patch as is, it 
would break the build.

I've modified things so that

a) JASMIN isn't a dependency in setup.xml.  I was trying to create a 
parallal "optional dependency" list and re-factor the ant code, but it's 

b) reg.test isn't automatically run - IOW, people will have to run 
manually for now.

So now, I feel comfortable that I can commit w/o breakage, and we can 
move forward from this point.

>> 2) when running, h000 fails :
>> run-test:
>>    [junit] Running 
>> org.apache.harmony.drlvm.tests.regression.h0000.DirectByteBufferTest
>>    [junit] HMYEXEL062E Internal VM error: Failed to create Java VM
>>    [junit] FAILED to invoke JVM.
>> Haven't looked into it yet.
> This failure is expected - DRLVM can not find native library by path
> specified by java.library.path system property (while RI can).

LOL.  How do we fix?


> Another problem with this test is using of JUnit test format for DRLVM
> testing. Now the test fails during JVM invocation but it is not marked
> as failed because JVM return 0 result code (as and for successful
> JUnit test execution). What can be proposed for such a test is a new
> test format returning some predefined status code in case of
> successful execution and another predefined value in case of expected
> failure. The resulting code different from predefined can be
> considered as unexpected failure.
> Thank you,
> Alexander

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