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From "Geir Magnusson Jr." <g...@pobox.com>
Subject Re: [drlvm][unit] 100% of class library tests pass
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2006 23:19:36 GMT
Be sure to not miss anyone :)  This was a great community effort, with 
everyone pitching in.

DRLVM is now a full peer  to J9 in Harmony testing.  :)  We still need 
to use J9 (and another VM that happens to work with our classlibrary), 
as a sanity check, but we should from now on use DRLVM in our CI testing 


Alexei Fedotov wrote:
> Oops, I've missed:
> * Andrew Zhang for reviewing class library patches and helpful discussions
> On 11/16/06, Alexei Fedotov <alexei.fedotov@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Folks,
>> According to http://harmonytest.org, today 100% of class library unit 
>> tests pass on DRLVM. Thank you all! It takes 44 days for the great 
>> team we are. Thanks for your thoughtful, diligent work and deep 
>> inspiration. Kudos to you for the following (and not limited to this):
>> * Alexey Varlamov and Elena for driving the whole process
>> * Anton and Vladimir Ivanov for automating test runs
>> * Geir and Gregory for checking and committing related DRLVM patches
>> * Paulex, Tim, Nathan, Stepan and Mikhail Loenko for checking and 
>> committing related class library patches
>> * Alexey Petrenko for becoming ICU expert and writing good JIRA issue 
>> resolution guidelines
>> * Alexei Zakharov for resolving class library test issues
>> * Ilya Okomin, Denis Kishenko, Oleg Khaschansky and Alexey Ivanov for 
>> fixing class library and tests* Ivan, Egor, Mikhail Fursov, Nikolay 
>> Sidelnikov and Alexander Astapchuk for making execution engines work
>> * Tatiana and Maxim for filing JIRA issues about test failures
>> * Nikolay Kuznetsov for completing thread interruption handling and 
>> reverting consequences of park/unpark integration
>> * Pavel Afremov for fixing exception handling
>> * Boris Kuznetsov for intelligent fixing of security tests
>> * Rana and Salikh for evaluating and discussing problems, reviewing 
>> and trying DRLVM patches
>> * Pavel Pervov and Evgueni for help with DRLVM patches
>> * Artem for discovering and fixing weird Windows* behavior
>> * My wife for bringing hot tea to the computer during sleepless nights
>> There are still open issues with reliability, multiprocessor and other 
>> special configurations, so the page 
>> http://wiki.apache.org/harmony/Unit_Tests_Pass_on_DRLVM  remains 
>> active. But this shouldn't prevent us from including class library 
>> testing into Harmony "zero regression" policy. What do you think?
>> -- 
>> Thank you,
>> Alexei

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