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From "Geir Magnusson Jr." <g...@pobox.com>
Subject Re: [classlib] Preprocessor - CHECKPOINT
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2006 04:01:42 GMT

Etienne Gagnon wrote:
> Mikhail Fursov wrote:
>> On 11/1/06, Etienne Gagnon <egagnon@sablevm.org> wrote:
>>> For comfortable IDE development, one could imagine that the IDE editor
>>> can reduce to "one-line visible" comments (or better, specially
>>> formatted ones) so that it gives you the impression that you are really
>>> wearing target-specific spectacles.  [I know Eclipse allows for such
>>> things already].
>>> ...
>> Etienne,
>> What is 'comfortable IDE development' if you can't modify the Y? Am I
>> missing something here?
> Maybe my text was wrongly formatted...  You looked at the wrong example.
>  Comfortable development happens only using "development targets".  E.g.
> 1- process(X, devtarget) -> Z
> 2- edit Z in IDE using comfortable development, where you see a single
>    commented line for every hidden stream code chunk, keeping you aware
>    that other streams have related code there [you click on the "+" in
>    Eclipse if you want to see the complete chunk].  Of course, you
>    should never delete a chunk without consulting other stream
>    developers first.
>    So:  edit Z -> Z'

See, I'm hoping for something a tad different :

1) For building : process() (and revert() for fun) for cmd line use for 
the build scripts, so we just do

   $ ant -Dtarget=java5

and  what pops out is the java5 classlib jars, natives, includes, etc 
for java5.  And would use the "version definition" metadata to choose 
the fileset, and then use process() to xform the code to the target sources.

2) For development : IDE plugin where

   a) I can tell plugin that my project def/configuration is whatever,
      it using metadata in a file, only consider the code that is
      defined (or not excluded - whatever is easier)

   b) I can tell plugin to look at X, know that I want
      "java5" and in situ, it shows me what Z would look like.
      I edit this, but I'm really editing X.  And I want to
      be sure, I push a button or have a split screen that
      shows me what X really looks like.

      I can edit in X, or in "virtual Z", or both at the same
      time, as I'm just really editing X.

I think it's key that our solution can work in an IDE, not just on a 
command line.


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