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From "Konovalova, Svetlana" <svetlana.konoval...@intel.com>
Subject RE: [jira] Commented: (HARMONY-2009) Brush up and update Eclipse-related docs, make them user-friendly.
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2006 12:59:16 GMT
Nadya, Sian,

>I'm replying to your comments on the dev list rather than in the JIRA
>(HARMONY-2009) as this seemed like a discussion.  I have written
>some responses inline, but I just wondered whether since there was no
>response to the "Anybody tried DRLVM+Eclipse and can share?" thread if
>would be a good idea to remove the DRLVM section from that page.  I
>had discussed this before in a previous thread.  What do you think?
[Nadya] well, I think if we neglect eclipse+drlvm at all, nobody would
ever try it. I suggest that we keep the distribution of general vs.
classlib specific, and hold a placeholder for drlvm... and hope :) 

[SV]+1 for a placeholder. IMHO DRLVM shouldn't be forgotten.)

>> - Introduction: 1st sentence is about harmony, 2nd - about classlib
>> what about drlvm? an intro to the kind of info on drlvm development
>> would be great.
>I'm not sure how useful the DRLVM information is here (see above
>but if we do decide to keep it I agree that we should include an
>introductory paragraph.
[Nadya] ok, let's ask somebody else about it and see what they say.
>- Prerequisites: (just curious) can there be people trying to work in
>> eclipse but using something different from subclipse for svn
>Yes - there's another Eclipse plug-in called Subversive although I'm
>sure if anyone in the Harmony community has tried it.
[Nadya] do you think we can change the text a bit to make a general
statement and then a specific tool tip, like:
"check out the source using the URL. If you're using subclipse, do blah
- blah"
>- Prerequisites: you require a classlib build, though the page is
>> to be for classlib+drlvm
>> - spelling: is it "pre-requisites" or "prerequisites"? check
>> merriam-webster, they suggest one word.
>Let's use "prerequisites" if that's the one in the dictionary
[Nadya] ok
[SV] "Prerequisites" is the only correct variant  
>- Configuring Eclipse: are all steps in this section classlib-specific?
[Nadya] was just checking :)
>- Configuring Eclipse: some steps seemt to assume that the reader is
>> Windows? can we make the text OS neutral and separate OS specifics?
>Yes - it would be good to make it clear that some of the steps are
>to Windows.
[Nadya] do you think you can write an update? I'm not a Linux user, so
it's rather difficult for me to write an update. 
>- Configuring Eclipse: please double-check formatting; sometimes, UI
>> elements are in bold, at other times - monospace font; some UI
>> in quotes, others not. sticking to one notation could help. bold with
>> quotes seems to be shorter and easy to decipher, but i don't insist
>I agree
[SV] I'll write an update. Any objections?))

>- Configuring Eclipse: do you think we can separate Configuring Eclipse
>> proper and, say, getting the source code (set up svn, check out,
etc)? in
>> the current list, steps 5-6 might as well be step 1 - right? can we
>> grouping? also, the info about checkout is exactly the same for drlvm
>> classlib except for slight differences in the path. perhaps, we can
>> section on Check Out Source Code. there, we could explain how to
>> using eclipse-related means and provide a link to some other webpage
>> explaining other ways of check out and related problems (say, working
>> a firewall).
>I think I would have to see what that looked like before commenting.
>does seem to make sense, but I'm not sure if it would be confusing to
>so many sections in the page.
[Nadya] ok, we can have two versions and then compare. 
>thanks, Nadya


>> > Brush up and update Eclipse-related docs, make them user-friendly.
>> > ------------------------------------------------------------------
>> >
>> >                 Key: HARMONY-2009
>> >                 URL:
>> >             Project: Harmony
>> >          Issue Type: Improvement
>> >          Components: Website/Documentation
>> >            Reporter: Svetlana Konovalova
>> >         Assigned To: Nadya Morozova
>> >         Attachments: dev_eclipse.patch, dev_eclipse_patch.txt,
>> get-involved_patch.txt, H2009-deveclipse.patch
>> >
>> >
>> > The documentation doesn't cover all aspects of work with Eclipse.
>> to brush up and update Eclipse-related docs, make them user-friendly.
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