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From "Anton Rusanov" <anton.d.rusa...@gmail.com>
Subject [doc] Documentation in classlib and on the web site is duplicated
Date Fri, 24 Nov 2006 06:32:51 GMT
I have noted that the some docs in standard/site/docs are equal to
ones in enhanced/classlib/trunk/doc. This duplication seems strange to
me. Why is it done in this way?
Currently it can happen that two people update separate copies of one
document (Ann changes
standard/site/docs/subcomponents/classlibrary/asn1_framework.html and
Bob makes fixes in
enhanced/classlib/trunk/doc/security/ASN1Framework.htm) and we can get
two incomplete versions of a doc.
I think the better way is to have one source that contains the docs so
that the changes are automatically reflected at all places.
This can be achieved by e.g. having only links to
enhanced/classlib/trunk/doc on the web site, but not a copy.

One more thing is that some time ago there was a link from the site to
the Keytool user guide. Now it is missing. Can it be returned back to


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