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From Egor Pasko <egor.pa...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [drlvm] A list of drlvm enhancements and limitations
Date Fri, 20 Oct 2006 04:18:47 GMT
On the 0x208 day of Apache Harmony Gregory Shimansky wrote:
> Egor Pasko wrote:
> > On the 0x207 day of Apache Harmony Gregory Shimansky wrote:
> >> I don't really care about wording, I just wanted to make separate list for
> >> high level TODO items, like implementation of big pieces, and
> >> enhancements/limitations of the current code state. So I made a new link
> >> from the page which Rana used and put there my 3 items. If you think
> >> appropriate, you could insert your own link there too for JIT TODO items and
> >> rename this whole section to drlvm and JIT (if you think JIT is not a part
> >> of DRLVM) to include both. Does it sound ok to you?
> > Now I see your strategy :) Sure, JIT is a part of DRLVM!
> > I do not like pages with nothing except one or two links. That is why
> > I would prefer to put JIT and Core VM tasks on the top page. But if
> > there is something more to add to the "TODO List for DRLVM" page in
> > the nearest future, I feel like moving these subtasks out of the
> > FrontPage. Gregory, is it something to change in the "TODO for DRLVM"
> > soon?
> I think we could give it more structure as someone earlier suggested,
> TODO items, enhancements, limitations, whatever. Or we could break
> TODO items down in components.

+1 to split TODO items down in components.

For today my vision is:
* DRLVM TODOs is broken into "Core VM TODOs" and "JIT TODOs"
* JIT TODOs are broken into "For Beginners", "Front End",
  "Performance", etc.

now implemented :) take a look

> First I wanted to see just how much stuff like this we'll collect,
> then decide what to do with it to make it look pretty. That's why I
> don't care much about pages layout right now.

Gregory, I suffer from structural laziness :) I am not happy with
empty structures as they confuse readers. That is why I wanted to
prepare the content first and then structurize. Happily, now it's not
an issue, see below.

> > BTW, I do not like the name: "DRLVM known issues and limitations (TODO
> > list for DRLVM)", it stresses on limitations too much :) I feel more
> > like leaving it "TODO list for DRLVM". Cosmetic change, but.. :)
> Go for it.

done. Now it's "TODO List for DRLVM". "JIT dev tasks" link moved
there. Limitations enlisted there too. I hope, that's OK for all of
us. Thank you for suggestions!

Egor Pasko, Intel Managed Runtime Division

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