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From "Alexey Varlamov" <alexey.v.varla...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [classlib][launcher]shall we handle the parameter -version and -showversion in launcher or vm?
Date Fri, 13 Oct 2006 05:38:19 GMT
> > > What are you concerned about wasting?  It will take longer for sure, but
> > >  'java -version' doesn't need to be super fast (it prints to the console
> > > and quits).  In addition, we should consider gathering version
> > > information from the class library code too, i.e. to show each module
> > > version.  I don't think it warrants extending the VMI.
I suppose modules={vm, classlib} here? That is quite reasonable; there
are specific properties documented in API docs:
"java.version"         Java Runtime Environment version
"java.vm.version"    Java Virtual Machine implementation version
RI additionally provides undocumented "java.runtime.version", with
value usually equal to java.vm.version

>   If we have decided not to transfer version as an option into vm, we can
> make some change in launcher:
>   1.When create vm, "-version" is not included as part of vm argument, thus
> our vm will not report error.
>   2.When vm created, we uses a JNI call to System.getProperty("java.version")
> or VMI funciton GetSystemProperty("java.version")to show it to user. I am
> not sure which way is better.

VMI is preferable - with the same functionality, it is still faster :)


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