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From Alex Astapchuk <alex.astapc...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [drlvm] Calling native methods from Java code: implementation details
Date Thu, 19 Oct 2006 05:21:11 GMT
Mikhail Fursov wrote:
> On 10/19/06, Alex Astapchuk <alex.astapchuk@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Pavel,
>> One more note.
>> > b) About call of java method during compilation time. Jit now make
>> class loading during compilation.
>> > It means that Jit make call of java method.
>> > So I don't think that it's the other case.
>> It is different.
>> The JIT itself does not call Java code.
>> All what JIT does is calling VM's resolve_{anything}. It's VM who may
>> execute the Java code during the resolution.
>> The JIT itself neither has a way to call an arbitrary Java method during
>> the compilation, neither has an access to JNI functionality.
> Sounds reasonable. And this solution joins mine and Pavel's proposals: JIT
> calls a VM method to resolve native address for direct call. JIT does not

I would also add that we can not use any Java-based resolution schemes 
at all.
(Here I mean anything that implies execution of managed code during 
compilation in order to resolve the things).

Doing so we would dig a huuuuge grave for ourselves: we'll get a number 
of dead lock issues, as such a scheme will add a sporadic and random 
locks inside a normal Java control flow. Exactly the same issue as we 
had with mixing native and Java locks in the same control flow.

> care how the address is resolved in VM.
> Alex, Pavel, what do you think about this interface?

In order to think anything meaningful, it would be nice to see something 
like a pseudo-code example. Something like a piece of Java code for the 
Would you be so kind, please?

Let me presume several things - are you talking about anything like the 

// JIT side
ByteCodeTranslator::handleInvokeStatic() {

MethodDesc md = getMethodToInvoke();
ClassDesc klass = md.getClass();
if (klass.implements(NativeCallProvider) && /and what's here??/) {

// So, the VM is smart enough to find all the needed only by the name. 

	void* addr = 
else {

The JIT side becomes simple, indeed.
What about the 'helper writer's' side?
What should be placed in the helper's Java code in order to make this 
special call?

// Java side
package org.apache.hy.drvm.gc.helpers;
public class GCHelpers /*implements anything? */ {

	/** it's fast path - will be inlined by JIT. */
private static Address fast_alloc(Address classHandle, int size) {
	if (fast_path_succeeded) return allocated_address();
	return perform_slow_path(classHandle, size);

	/** it's slow path - implemented by gc.dll*/
// What's here? annotation? anything else?
private static Address perform_slow_path(Address classHandle, int size);



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