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From "Evgueni Brevnov" <evgueni.brev...@gmail.com>
Subject [testing][kernel.tests] j.l.Thread test fails on HARMONY-1582
Date Mon, 09 Oct 2006 12:31:56 GMT

While testing HARMONY-1582 (invocation api) it turned out that one
kernel test starts to fail with the following message:

There were 3 failures:
1) testInterrupt_Joining(java.lang.ThreadTest)junit.framework.AssertionFailed
Error: joining thread has not received the InterruptedException
        at java.lang.ThreadTest.testInterrupt_Joining(ThreadTest.java:1367)
        at java.lang.reflect.VMReflection.invokeMethod(Native Method)
2) testInterrupt_Sleeping(java.lang.ThreadTest)junit.framework.AssertionFaile
dError: sleeping thread has not received the InterruptedException
        at java.lang.ThreadTest.testInterrupt_Sleeping(ThreadTest.java:1390)
        at java.lang.reflect.VMReflection.invokeMethod(Native Method)
3) testInterrupt_Waiting(java.lang.ThreadTest)junit.framework.AssertionFailed
Error: waiting thread has not received the InterruptedException
        at java.lang.ThreadTest.testInterrupt_Waiting(ThreadTest.java:1413)
        at java.lang.reflect.VMReflection.invokeMethod(Native Method)

Tests run: 89,  Failures: 3,  Errors: 0

Short investigation shows that test is invalid. Specifically main
thread interrupts another thread and expects InterruptedException will
be thrown while interruptable thread doesn't get to
joining/sleeping/waiting state yet.

Could somebody fix that....


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