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From "Evgueni Brevnov" <evgueni.brev...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [classlib][launcher] should we get rid of one of the HyPortLibrary function tables in DRLVM?
Date Wed, 04 Oct 2006 11:58:21 GMT

I see the same. I looked at the problem closer. It turned out to be
the problem of Microsoft debugger. Seems like debug information is
damaged somehow. What I did? I set breakpoint at line 290 of
modules\luni\src\main\native\launcher\shared\main.c. Printed out
args->portLibrary. It is valid structure at that moment. Make one step
over the line 290. Ups ... args->portLibrary become invalid but line
number 290 looks like if(newPathToAdd == NULL). So it can't crash
portLibrary. I played a little with commenting out the code and got
the same problem in different places. That's why I think this is
debugger problem.


On 10/2/06, Weldon Washburn <weldonwjw@gmail.com> wrote:
> All,
> Using windows debugger, I see native/launcher/shared/main.c::invocation()
> receive an incoming argument that looks to be a DRLVM version of HyPortLibrary
> with all the functions zeroed out.  Does anyone else see this??
> Passing a HyPortLibrary
> with the function ptrs nulled out is not the primary concern.  At worst,
> this will cause a sigsegv and should be straight forward to debug.
> The big concern is accidentally using the classlib/HyPortLibrary function
> ptr table when DRLVM Threading Manager APIs are intended.  This could cause
> all sorts of strange deadlocks.  I have looked at the code to prove or
> disprove that the two HyPortLibraries are being confused.  So far, no luck.
> There are too many layers to get to the bottom of this quickly.  Does anyone
> know the answer to the above question?  If not, should I open a JIRA on this
> issue?
> --
> Weldon Washburn
> Intel Middleware Products Division

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