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From "Dmitry Yershov" <dmitry.yers...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [drlvm] the big soup of VM properties (HARMONY-1626)
Date Tue, 10 Oct 2006 09:04:40 GMT
> >                             Requirements
> >                             ============
> >
> >     1) The <key> and <value> are represented as string (i.e. char*).
> and I propose that on each operation, a copy is made, so that the caller
>   frees the  string that they got or gave.



> 1) if this is a C++ class, lets drop the word 'property'

We can not drop this word because these interfaces are exported from VM core.
To my mind external interfaces should have useful names.

> 2) Don't hardcode 'hidden' into the API, as we may have other types down
> the road.  Make it an argument

Ok. So, the latest list of interface functions should be:

    void set_property(const char * key, const char * value, bool type)
    const char * get_property(const char * key, bool type)
    bool is_property_set(const char * key, bool type)
    void unset_property(const char * key, bool type)
    char * * get_properties_keys(bool type)
    char * * get_properties_keys_staring_with(const char * prefix, bool type)

If there are no other objections i'll file a jira, start redeveloping
property module, and then do source code refactoring.


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