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From "Mikhail Fursov" <mike.fur...@gmail.com>
Subject [drlvm] The first GC helper with fast-path implemented in Java: gc_alloc
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2006 09:57:58 GMT
GC, VM gurus!
I need your help in implementation of the first our helper written with
I've started with GCv41 allocation helper for objects.
Please review the way I'm going to implement it and correct me if I have
misunderstood something or confirm if everything is OK.

The native fast path:

Managed_Object_Handle gc_alloc_fast(unsigned in_size,  Allocation_Handle ah,
void *thread_pointer) {
C1.    assert((in_size % GC_OBJECT_ALIGNMENT) == 0);
C2.    assert (ah);
C3.    unsigned char *next;

C4.    GC_Thread_Info *info = (GC_Thread_Info *) thread_pointer;
C5.    Partial_Reveal_VTable *vtable = ah_to_vtable(ah);
C6.    GC_VTable_Info *gcvt = vtable->get_gcvt();
C7.    unsigned char *cleaned = info->tls_current_cleaned;
C8.    unsigned char *res = info->tls_current_free;

C9.    if (res + in_size <= cleaned) {
C10.        if (gcvt->is_finalizible()) return 0;

C11.        info->tls_current_free =  res + in_size;
C12.        *(VT32*)res = ah;

C13.        assert(((POINTER_SIZE_INT)res & (GC_OBJECT_ALIGNMENT - 1)) ==
C14.        return res;
C15.    }

C16.    if (gcvt->is_finalizible()) return 0;

C17.    unsigned char *ceiling = info->tls_current_ceiling;

C18.    if (res + in_size <= ceiling) {

C19.        info->tls_current_free = next = info->tls_current_free +

        // cleaning required
C20.        unsigned char *cleaned_new = next +
C21.        if (cleaned_new > ceiling) cleaned_new = ceiling;
C22.        info->tls_current_cleaned = cleaned_new;
C23.        memset(cleaned, 0, cleaned_new - cleaned);
C24.        *(VT32*)res = ah;

C25.        assert(((POINTER_SIZE_INT)res & (GC_OBJECT_ALIGNMENT - 1)) ==
C26.        return res;
C27.    }

C28.    return 0;

The helper's code:

public static Object gc_alloc(int objSize, int allocationHandle) {

J1.    Address tlsAddr = TLS.getGCThreadLocal();

J2.    Address tlsCurrentFreeFieldAddr = tlsAddr.plus
J3.    Address tlsCurrentCleanedFieldAddr = tlsAddr.plus

J4.    Address tlsCurrentFreeAddr = tlsCurrentFreeFieldAddr.loadAddress();
J5.    Address tlsCurrentCleanedAddr =

J6.    Address tlsNewFreeAddr = tlsCurrentFreeAddr.plus(objSize);

  // the fast path without cleaning
J7.    if (tlsNewFreeAddr.LE(tlsCurrentCleanedAddr)) {
J8.        tlsCurrentFreeFieldAddr.store(tlsNewFreeAddr);
J9.        tlsCurrentFreeAddr.store(allocationHandle);
J10.        return tlsCurrentFreeAddr;
J11.    }

J12.    Address tlsCurrentCeilingFieldAddr = tlsAddr.plus
J13.    Address tlsCurrentCeilingAddr =

        // the fast path with cleaning
J14.   if (tlsNewCurrentFreeAddr.LE(tlsCurrentCeilingAddr)) {
J15.       Address tlsNewCleanedAddr = tlsCurrentCeilingAddr;
J16.       if (tlsCurrentCeilingAddr.diff(tlsNewFreeAddr) >
J17.           Address tlsCleanedNew = tlsNewFreeAddr.plus
J18.       }
J19.       int bytesToClean = tlsNewCleanedAddr.diff(tlsNewFreeAddr);
J20.       org.apache.harmony.vmhelper.native.Utils.memset(tlsNewFreeAddr,
bytesToClean, 0);
J21.       tlsCurrentCleanedFieldAddr.store(tlsNewCleanedAddr);

J22.       tlsCurrentFreeFieldAddr.store(tlsNewFreeAddr);
J23.       tlsCurrentFreeAddr.store(allocationHandle);
J24.       return tlsCurrentFreeAddr;


        //the slow path
        //this call will be replaced by JIT with direct native call as VM


The problems I see:

1) The problem: GC helper must know GC_Thread_Info struct offsets.

2) The problem: Where to keep GC magic code? This code is GC specific and
must be available for bootstrap classloader.
JIT can know all the details which magic code to inline (the helper type,
the helper signature) from its properties (see opt.emconf file for example)

3) The problem: Is the signature for gc_alloc method : gc_alloc(int objSize,
int allocationHandle) is universal for all GCs?
I think it's not. But we can extend JIT with different signatures support if

4) The new magic method is proposed, line J21:
bytesToClean, 0);

5) The magic code in does not contain 'finalizable' check.
JIT can do this check during the compilation and do not generate the fast
path. This is another option to pass to JIT from GC.

I've enumerated the lines in code if you want to comment it.
Please feel free to review the code and to discuss any other problems I

Mikhail Fursov

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