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From "Alex Blewitt" <alex.blew...@gmail.com>
Subject [classlib][pack200] Moving pack200 to a separate module?
Date Sat, 14 Oct 2006 23:54:46 GMT
I was in the process of trying to put together a patch for the new
stuff that I've added recently, and it turns out that someone's gone
through and pulled out all of the hard-coded strings in the code and
added a dependency on
org.apache.harmony.archive.internal.nls.Messages, which in turn has a
dependency on org.apache.harmony.kernel.VM. This causes a few

1) There's now a tighter dependency from the pack200 code to the
Harmony VM. As I've noted previously, I was wanting to develop this as
a portable implementation of pack200 so that others could use it
outside of Harmony; for example, on JVMs prior to 1.5 that don't have
it built in.

2) The messages for Pack200 are now mixed up with the messages for the
remainder of the archive code, when they don't need to be. That means
exporting/building a separate Pack200 is going to have extra detritus
in it that doesn't n eed to be there.

3) There were a bunch of messages that I was leaving in the code (in
Error messages) reminding me to implement certain facets of the code,
that were never meant to be extracted. These have now been extracted
into a messages file with less than helpful 'archive.1C' messages left

I'd really like to undo this set of changes and leave message
externalisation until later, once the implementation is complete. I
also want to avoid getting the pack200 stuff tied up any more than is
necessary with the Harmony VM, because it should be possible to use
this on other VMs (or even the standard Java Sun VM ... the pack200
code is switchable based on a property in any case).

I'd also like to move the pack200 into its own module, so that when
messages do get externalised, they can be processed just for that
particular set of code and not lumped in with the remainder of the
archive code. I did suggest this in the past, although there was a
conclusion at the time that it wasn't worth doing at that time. I feel
that this is now the justification to separate the pack200 and archive
modules before it gets any more joined together.

I'll hold off updating and submitting a patch until we can figure out
what's best to do with the code.


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