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From "Pavel Ozhdikhin" <pavel.ozhdik...@gmail.com>
Subject [general] define pre-commit testing configs to gain the stability
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2006 16:30:25 GMT
Hello all,

This thread is about a way to improve stability in the environment of
growing patch flow in Harmony. Originally I though about DRLVM issues
but this may be helpful for classlib too.

Currenly, before committing a patch a committer checks it on his
favorite configurations (I mean architecture, OS and compiler first of
all). Another committer checks another patch on a different set of
configurations. As a result, though both patches are tested, there is
no guarantee that they will work together on any configuration.

If we agree on common testing configs we can make sure the Harmony
will be stable on at least this set of configurations. This does not
mean we won't fix problems on other configurations. The goal is to
gain and maintain general stability.

Another benefit would be in faster adoption of patches. If
contributors could check their patches on the same configs as the
committers do, there would be less likely a particular patch is

I propose to work out a set of configs the committers will use to
check patches before committing them to SVN. We can start with a few
configs defining the platform, OS familly and the compiler used. When
we are sure the Harmony is stable we can add more configurations. IMO,
it would be reasonable to start with 3 configurations - one
configuration for each supported platform, for example:

- Windows / IA32 / MSVS .NET 2003 / release
- Linux / IA32 / GCC 4.0.3 / release
- Linux / EM64T / GCC 4.0.3 / release

There may be a contrary point - let's everyone use it's own platform -
such way we'll discover bugs earlier. I think this might work good in
a smaller project. The Harmony is quite a big child already and trying
to kill all the birds we may chase them for ages.

I'd be happy if we converge on the set of our primary target configs here.

Thank you
Pavel Ozhdikhin

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