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From "Geir Magnusson Jr." <g...@pobox.com>
Subject [general] Incubator graduation update
Date Fri, 20 Oct 2006 05:23:23 GMT
For those that haven't been following along....

Graduating from the Incubator is a "dynamic" process, as there's no 
really hard and fast rules to satisfy.  On one hand, this is a good 
thing, because determining the health and prospect of future success of 
an Apache community is a difficult job, and it therefore relies on the 
experience and judgment of the Incubator PMC members.  (It also allows 
the process to be adapted for different kinds of podlings - we're a 
weird one...) On the other hand, it can result it individual Incubator 
PMC members using different "filter" criterion.

Now, I'm really proud to be a part of this community - I think we work 
very well together, collaboratively, in a positive and friendly 
atmosphere, and have demonstrated time and again the ability to vote, 
deal with issues that arise in voting, deal with differences of opinion, 
amass great hunks of software into an orderly project, etc.

That said, I'm not very optimistic that we'll be able to bring this to a 
close in time for this month's board meeting.  It's a shame, but that's 
ok - we're really in no rush, and if not this month, then next month. 
There are no major problems - it's partially because of the rather short 
timelines we tried, and partially because there are a few issues under 
discussion on the general@incubator.apache.org list, a list I encourage 
all of you to subscribe to and participate in.

First, there are minor 'nits' here and there related to license and 
license headers.  For example, we're missing the antlr license in our 
NOTICE file.  Patch anyone?  Also, there are other minor things here and 
there which can be found with this tool :


Anyone interested in running it ASAP and giving us a set of patches to 
get a clean bill of health?

Second, we're having a discussion on the general@ list (in which we all 
can participate) regarding the necessity of a project going through a 
release.  This isn't actually an Incubator requirement, but the case 
where information on community health and dynamics is absent or scarce, 
it's a reasonable exercise.

However... for Harmony, that isn't the case. I've been arguing that 
there's plenty of information on us.  All four of us mentors (Stefano, 
Leo, Dims and myself) reported very positive independent assessments of 
the community (go read on general@) and we have 18 months of consistent, 
positive interaction with each other. My thinking was that

1) A release is something that we haven't wanted to do yet as a project, 
as our interest is in producing a more complete and stable 
implementation first.  We have a roadmap, it's been published for a 
while now, and at least for me, it's the goal that I'm looking towards 
every day.  (heck... we're still deciding what "supported" means...)

2) We're not stable enough to do something we want to shout out to the 
world as a "developer release" or similar.  We will be ready soon, but 
not now.  (This is just my personal opinion - others may certainly 

Anyway, that's what I feel about it.  There are Incubator PMC members 
that have decided that there is ample information (Dims, Stefano and Leo 
really hit it out of the park with their assessments... thanks guys!) 
and have changed their minds, and I'm hoping to reach consensus with the 
rest that there *is* enough information.

However, if not, and some IPMC memebers still really want to see a 
demonstration of a release process, we can certainly do that.  I've 
thought about what we might release.  One thing that came to mind is a 
Pack200 jar :)

Any other ideas, and any other thoughts?


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